Australia receives more sunlight hours than any other country in the world, making it the ideal climate for solar systems to work at optimum levels. While there may be other systems available that can help save electricity, none of them are able to compare to the effectiveness of a high quality solar system. Below is a little additional information regarding exactly what solar power is.

Sun-Generated Power

Solar power is directly generated from the sun whenever there is sufficient light energy available. Solar cells convert this light energy into Direct Current (DC) electricity. The system’s inverter then converts the Direct Current to Alternate Current (AC) so that it can be used in households and businesses, providing an alternative to electricity that is provided by power companies.

In the event that your home or business isn’t able to use all of the power that has been generated by your solar system, any excess power is diverted back to the power grid itself. This power is recognised as a credit or alternatively, a solar contribution, on your property’s energy bill, meaning that your electricity retailer will actually buy this excess solar power from you.

Solar could be the Largest Energy Source by 2050

a solar power plantMore and more Australians are open to the environmental and financial benefits associated with ‘going green’ – in other words, going off-grid to fulfil their power needs. Recent findings noted that more than 1.4 million homes throughout the country have already embraced solar power, and if the trend continues at this rate, which it most likely will, the International Energy Agency suggests that the sun could end up being the largest source of electricity in the world by 2050.

What is Solar Energy All About?

Renewable solar energy is something that most consumers hear a lot without ever realising just how beneficial it will be to them. As a result, many of them have simply relied on regular energy suppliers that make use of cola and/or gas because of the fact that it is easily accessible. However, solar energy has begun to attract the attention of more and more Australian households, simply because of the financial and health benefits that it provides.

While there may be other forms of renewable energy available, none of them are as effective and beneficial as that of solar power – especially in the sunny Australian climate. In 2013, it was noted that as much as 15% of electricity in Australia was supplied by solar power – this is enough to provide power to approximately 15 million homes around the country.

Over the past few years, the cost of installing rooftop solar power systems has plummeted, which is more than just remarkable – especially considering that Government Rebates were only made available from 2008. As the cost of technology reduces, so does the cost of installing a top quality solar system in your home or business premises. If you would like to find out more about how a solar system will benefit your home or business, contact our team at Solar Panels Melbourne today.