Why go solar?Although many home and business owners have already taken advantage of solar power on their properties, there are still those who don’t fully understand why they should go solar. However, there are quite a few benefits associated with using solar power, some of which will be discussed below.

Easy to Install and Maintain Over the Long Term

While a photovoltaic solar energy system is quite a complex piece of technology in itself, the overall installation and maintenance of it is pretty straightforward – provided that you hire the right company to perform the installation as well as the long-term maintenance required to keep it in the best condition possible. That is why all of the systems we supply at Solar Panels Melbourne have been approved by the Clean Energy Council, and we also only use accredited and licenced technicians to perform all of our installations and maintenance work. This ensures that all work is done in accordance to industry best practice and Australian Standards.

Quick Installation

Here at Solar Panels Melbourne, we ensure that only licenced, accredited and experienced technicians are employed to perform our solar installations. This not only ensures that your installation is done according to current safety standards; the level of expertise also ensures that your residential installation can be completed in as little as a single day.

Maintenance Services

Although there are many companies out there performing solar installations, not all of them are willing to follow through and provide long-term maintenance for the units. However, our team at Solar Panels Melbourne will not only ensure that your system is correctly installed; they are able to provide you with a range of long-term maintenance options as well. This ensures that your system is able to operate seamlessly for many years to come. In most cases, the only form of long-term maintenance that is recommended is a general service, which should be carried out once every two years or so.

Save a Substantial Amount of Money

Many people still think it will be too expensive to install a solar system. While this may have been the case when solar power units were first manufactured, it is certainly not the case anymore. Once your unit has been installed, you will be able to look forward to not having to pay for electricity each month any longer. Over the course of a few years, you will have saved thousands of dollars – more than enough to pay for the solar system many times over. In addition, when your solar system generates more power than that which is used by your household or business, the excess power can be sold back to the grid.

Once your solar power system has been installed by our team at Solar Panels Melbourne, you will not only be reducing your energy bills substantially; your carbon footprint will also shrink considerably. If you are interested in finding out more about why you should invest in a solar power system for your home or business, contact our team today.